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            Why is document shredding important.

            Shredding your confidential documents, utility bills and receipts prevents identity theft and fraud.
            In today's society fraudsters can combine your confidential information with other key data to steal your identity, your money and your life. Confidentiality is also essential in the business environment and using a shredder to destroy sensitive client information protects your business and ensures your meeting the requirements of the data protection act.

            bonsaii paper shredders have been specially developed to be the perfect solution for protecting your business and your confidentiality. bonsaii document shredders are robust, high performance and high quality paper destruction machines, which are available in cross cut, micro cut and super micro cut for your sensitive and confidential document protection.

            Please do not simply put your confidential documents in the bin or recycle, this is a favourite place for 'bin raiders' to obtain your company information, utility bill and bank details subsequently this confidential information can be combined to steal your identity and your money.

            Many victims of identity theft only discover their identity has been stolen until over a year has passed, to try and regain your information, money and credit ratings can take weeks or months and is considerably stressful.

            bonsaii shredders can not only shred confidential documents such as utility bills, bank statements, personal information and company information, but can also destroy credit cards and CD's.

            bonsaii shredders are your solution to prevent sensitive information being stolen and to keep your documents and life, safe and secure.

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